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The Blaq Print

There is a thin line between love and madness. A line thin as the sharpest point of an ironed blade. One side of the blade is the madness that comes with emotional trauma, the other side is the pain turned into perspective. A perspective molded towards doing whatever it takes to heal.

The Blaq Print is a coming to age story, a detailed visual of my life and how I overcame obstacles, addiction, pain, and grief. Raw stories that were difficult to live through and just as difficult to reflect on. The Blaq Print is bigger than me, it’s for women who’ve experienced traumatic events, and adults who experienced a troubled childhood. A blueprint is the guide to making something, The Blaq Print is my journey, a story of criminal influence, of where romance meets war, exploring the peaks and valleys of how traumatic events can affect you. The journey towards, healing my mind, body, and soul.

– Gina Tucker
The Blaq Print

About Gina

Gina Tucker is a serial entrepreneur, Co-founder of the The Terry Rozier Foundation with multiple residential facilities, and a self-published author. Gina values her family, God, and impacting lives by making a difference in communities. Gina is dedicated to connecting with the hearts, souls, and minds of each traumatized and hurt person in the audience through her story telling style and healing process. Connecting and communicating on a deeper, more meaningful level and allowing each person to understand the importance of releasing and growing from trials and tribulations. Gina has a big heart and aspires to help others find the blessings in the lessons.